Marketing tactics to grow your business: content marketing

We have talked about Digital Marketing and how the umbrella term covers more aspects of marketing than most realize. This week, we are focusing on content marketing and how having unique content can help you engage and interact with your target audience to enhance your business efforts.

So let’s take a moment and break down content marketing.


This has been a buzz phrase in marketing for a few years, but its significance only continues to grow as businesses of all sizes reap the rewards of attracting customers through relevant, valuable content. Another term often used for this style of marketing is storytelling.

How does it work? Develop and share native content related to your business, industry or audience interests through social media, article postings, blogs, e-newsletters, case studies, white papers and other content channels.

Sounds basic, but the reality is, it takes a lot of thought, time and strategy to create compelling content.

Content Strategy

Compelling, authentic stories sell—it’s that simple. But you have to come up with a game plan. Let’s start with a few questions that help the overall strategy process:

  1. What is your main objective?
  2. How are you going to attract your ideal audience?
  3. How will you measure success?

There are a lot of angles and questions that need to be broken out in the beginning stages to make sure your content is pulling in the results you want and attractive to the audience you are targeting.

Let’s say your strategy and goal is to drive more traffic to your website and generate leads. Awesome! Now it’s time to talk about how to do that.

Content Tactics

With your goal in place, you can get to work bringing your ideas to life.

Select the channels you would like to focus on to help meet your goal. At Rooted Web, we highly recommending blogging on your website. Why is blogging so important? Well, in short, keywords.

Keywords are important when crafting website/blog specific content so that search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo can help drive unique traffic to your website. When someone searches for services or products, the keywords used on your website and in your blogs keeps your content relevant and helps you to be found easily.

Keep in mind that each message needs to be tailored to your audience and to the channel recommendations; this is especially important for the various social media channels. Each has its own posting recommendations and content recommendations (more on that later).

Creating content can be time-consuming. That’s why at Rooted Web we have content writers on staff to help you master your digital voice and aid in creating your next great selling piece.

Contact us to find out how we can help.

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Sarah Shanahan

More than five years of professional experience in public relations, advertising, and marketing, with particular emphasis on account management, content creations, media relations, internal communications, strategic communications, digital and social media strategy.


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