digital ecosystems

When does a website become more than a website? That's the question we answer every day. We transform your website into a thriving environment that allows your business to grow and flourish.

Website Design & Development

The internet has matured and the digital landscape has evolved in such a way that having a web presence is very different than having a website. At Rooted Web we don't look to simply improve your website's appearance. We want to provide you with a powerful tool that promotes continual engagement with your audience and helps your business grow.


We want to make sure your customers don’t have any problems navigating your website. We will make sure the navigation is practical and effective on whatever device your customers are using to find you.

Content Creation

Your one-of-a-kind business has a one-of-a-kind story and we want to help you tell it. We will work with you to create custom content for your website. Share your story your way with articles, photos and more.


Have an online business? Want to interact with your customers online? No problem. We build custom and secure forms that are easy to use and guarantee your customers’ data is being protected.

Website Diagnostics

Once a website is complete, we are able to monitor it for any potential issues or problems. By being proactive, we can make sure your website is always good to go for you and your customers.

Let's get your new website started.

Custom design

Your business is unique and your website needs to reflect that. We make all of our websites from scratch so that your website 100% yours. You are never limited to pre-packaged templates because we believe that your website needs to work for you and your customers and not your competition. We will make sure your new website makes the right impression on your new and current customers.


Your digital ecosystem is comprised of more than just your website. It takes a number of unique softwares and systems to help your business operate at optimum potential. From customer-facing inventory systems to internal accounting softwares, Rooted Web provides industry-leading integrations that allow all elements of your digital ecosystem to communicate with one another efficiently and effectively.


You have goals for your business and your website can help you accomplish those goals. We take the time to get to know you and your business goals to develop the website that best fits your needs. We develop your website from the ground up with your goals in mind. Our team are the experts at making easy to navigate websites so you always know how to keep it updated as your business grows.


Once you’ve developed the perfect website for your business, you want to make sure that website stays safe and secure. By hosting your website on our secure servers, we guarantee your website will always have a place to call home. We monitor for potential problems to fix them before they arise. We also ensure your website is always accessible for your customers and that their information is protected.


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