Best Local SEO Practices for 2022

local seo

It’s been about a year since our last local SEO blog post, but 2022 is in full swing and we figured it’s time for an update.  Local search is your most powerful tool if you are a small business. Nearly 46 percent of all Google searches seek local information like navigating to a store or…

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Optimizing Your Site for Voice Search

Voice search isn’t the future; it’s the present. Our SEO specialists at Rooted Web make and implement the changes needed to succeed.

“Hey, Siri” How many times have you said this? Or maybe you’ve uttered the phrase, “Hey, Alexa” instead. Voice search is becoming more popular, with 41 percent of adults and 55 percent of teens using voice search daily, according to Google, but small business websites could be doing more to optimize for searches from voice…

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Website SEO Predictions for 2022

Here are some of our website SEO predictions for 2022, and how you can best use them for your small business.

We’ve discussed SEO in the past, but it still remains a mystery for so many. You understand what the acronym is, but can you actually optimize search engine results? Are you doing everything possible for your website, and even if you are, will your current tactics work next year? Here are some of our website…

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Local SEO Tips for Your Small Business

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a business’ web presence for increased visibility in local organic search results.

We’ve talked about how SEO can help increase your online visibility as a whole, but what if you have a rather localized company? If you’re a hair salon or plumbing company that isn’t concerned with someone finding your company in a Google search 300 miles away, local SEO is more important than you may think,…

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10 Common SEO Mistakes We Hope You Aren’t Making

Did you know that finding and correcting some of these simple SEO mistakes could make a world of difference in your website’s search ranking?

We all know SEO (search engine optimization) is important. But, did you know that finding and correcting some of these simple SEO mistakes could make a world of difference in your website’s search ranking?  1. Quantity of Links Over Quality More isn’t always better. One killer link could do so much more for your search…

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Creating The Ultimate Local Business Listing on Google

You may have an amazing company, but if you don’t show up as a local business listing on Google, no one knows who you are.

Here’s the thing about the internet—you can have an amazing company with skills no one else has and prices lower than your competitors, but if you don’t show up in a Google search, no one knows who you are. People aren’t using YellowPages anymore and, though word of mouth is still a fantastic reference tool,…

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What the Heck is SEO?


If you’ve ever built a website with us or plan to, you’ll hear the term SEO a lot. SEO is necessary for making a website successful because, without it, almost no one will be able to find you. We get a lot of questions about SEO so we are addressing some of the most frequent…

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Luck takes a lot of work

The best time to prepare is yesterday. The second-best time is now. We urge our clients to be proactive when it comes to web design.

Here at Rooted Web, we’re suckers for a good quote. There is one from the Roman philosopher Seneca the Younger that has been tossed around for centuries but is a true gem even today: Luck is the point where preparation meets opportunity. The genius behind this particular aphorism is that, while brief, it is comprehensive.…

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