Holding onto the personality of your business. A few thoughts. 


Be wary of snake oil. Be mindful of catchalls. Do not trust a person who doesn’t take the time to consider a problem before immediately offering a solution. Never connect yourself to someone who never says, “I don’t know.” As we look to growing and successful small businesses, there seem to be experts and self-proclaimed…

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Open-source vs proprietary CMS: Who wins?

Open source vs proprietary CMS: Who wins?

Understanding the basics A CMS (content management system) is a user-friendly interface that allows a website’s owner to house, manage and post content on a website—blogs, pictures, videos, memes, gifs, etc. There are two main types of CMS platforms: open source and proprietary. This is your website on an open-source CMS Adding a new product…

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Be Vanilla: Marketing Your Real Voice, No Imitations

The Real Vanilla: Your Real Voice in Marketing—Accept No Imitations

I think vanilla gets a bad rap. It is often used to describe a thing or a person that is the manifestation of average—just “meh,” nothing special, barely adequate, standard or without imagination. Vanilla is supposed to be “normal” because, I think, we don’t really know vanilla anymore. Maybe we never did.  As it turns…

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A Hostage Situation: Rescuing Your Website Information

A Hostage Situation

The website information … where is the login? the password? You can hear your heart beating out of your chest. The sweat beads up on your forehead like the morning dew of an unseasonably warm March. Your hands shake as your thumbs nervously poke and prod the luminous screen of your smartphone, the smudges of…

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A New Year Demands a New Approach

2020 New Approach, New Focus, Goal Oriented/RootedWeb

It is the third day of 2020, and you’re here.  You made it.  Or maybe you just started, and in that case, welcome to a new year full of opportunity to reflect, adjust and invent new ways to get your message to the masses, to accomplish new goals, or even old ones using a fresh…

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