What are you looking for? Cape Girardeau’s top search keywords for 2022

If you’ve gotten a chance to play around with Google’s Local Year in Search 2022 tool, you might be surprised and delighted by what Cape Girardeau’s top 10 search keywords were. From “corn prices” to “red-eyed crocodile skink,” we’ll break down each of the trending searches, the results and some fun facts.  

1. Corn prices near me 

Cape was the only location in the U.S. that had corn prices in its top trending “near me” results. Could this be because of the viral It’s Corn video or do Southeast Missourians just really love their corn?  

Or maybe it has something to do with corn prices steadily climbing due to transportation costs, supply chain disruptions and the Russian-Ukrainian war. Corn prices hit a high last April, reaching $8.16 per bushel.  

2. “Red eyed crocodile skink” 

Cape Girardeau was also the only location in the country with “red eyed crocodile skink” as its top trending animal—and honestly, have you seen one before? They’re adorable; they look like tiny, baby wingless dragons.  

The red-eyed crocodile skink is endemic to New Guinea but has more recently become an exotic pet in the U.S. They continue to grow in popularity thanks to reptile-centric TikTok videos.  

If you’re on the lookout for an exotic pet, visit Tropical Island Pets to see its collection. We can’t promise Tropical Island Pets will have the red-eyed crocodile skink, but they do have other varieties, such as the African fire skink.  

3. Diesel prices near me 

Gas and diesel prices were particularly painful this year thanks to supply chain constraints and the Russia-Ukraine war. Compared to 2021, Cape Girardeau residents searched for “diesel prices near me” five times more in 2022.  

As of March 14, the average cost of diesel is $3.47 per gallon in Missouri. Better than earlier this year!  

4. Chili mac 

“Chili mac” was the holy grail of mac and cheese in 2021. The Cape Girardeau area was the only place in the U.S. that had this keyword as its top trending recipe. This one stumps us, but the internet says the recipe is very easy to make. Chili Mac Friday, anyone? 

5. Country (music) 

Country music being Cape’s top-searched music genre in 2022 doesn’t surprise us. Last year, Lee Brice toured Cape Girardeau at The Show Me Center, along with Michael Ray and Jackson Dean. 

Want more country music? The Show Me Center has tickets available to see country musician Parker McCollum in May.  

6. Repairs near me 

Cape did not have just one “repair near me” search but three. In 2022, the top trending “near me” searches were “heating and air conditioning,” “freezer” and “air conditioning” with “siding contracts near me” as an honorable mention.  

Looks like home repairs and upgrades are in the air for 2023. With snow forecasted next week, we thought we’d share the top results for heating repairs with you: Heise Heating & Cooling, Inc. and Aire Solutions. 

7. Remote jobs near me 

There’s no mystery behind why “remote jobs near me” would trend. The effects of Covid-19, the pandemic and other labor shifts have all led to an increase in the availability of and demand for remote jobs.  

Remote jobs are desirable for many reasons. One of which is allowing workers to move to lower-cost-of-living parts of the U.S. (including Southeast Missouri), effectively increasing real wages.   

8. Road conditions near me 

Snowstorms, flurries and sleet are happening more often than usual in previous years, so it’s no wonder why Southeast Missourians would search for “road conditions near me.” Rest assured that our city’s public works department is prepared for the worst of winter weather. The city maintains 14 trucks for salting and plowing operations, and each truck driver has a Class B commercial driver’s license.  

9. Dog shelters near me  

Cape Girardeau has plenty of dog shelters if you are looking for a furry best friend. Like remote work, adopting dogs and other animal companions grew during the pandemic because of shutdowns. For many pet owners, adopting them helped with their mental health during the lockdown, staving off loneliness and keeping many people active. 

If you’re looking to adopt, consider visiting the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri or Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary. Be sure to do plenty of research before getting a new pet, like lifetime costs, feeding and diet requirements and the amount of space needed. Adding a pet to your family without being able to provide for its needs is not fair to any animal.  

10. Plasma donation near me 

This year, Cape Girardeau saw the addition of Grifols, a plasma donation center where you can start donating plasma and improving the lives of those who need it most. According to its website, new donors also have the potential to receive up to $800 in their first month (about eight visits).  

Interested in donating? To donate, you must be 18 years or older, weigh at least 110 pounds, be in good health, and bring valid photo identification and proof of address. You can learn more about it here.  

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