Optimizing Your Site for Voice Search

Voice search isn’t the future; it’s the present. Our SEO specialists at Rooted Web make and implement the changes needed to succeed.

“Hey, Siri” How many times have you said this? Or maybe you’ve uttered the phrase, “Hey, Alexa” instead. Voice search is becoming more popular, with 41 percent of adults and 55 percent of teens using voice search daily, according to Google, but small business websites could be doing more to optimize for searches from voice…

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Digital Content Producer – Job Opening

SEMO marketing company

Rooted Web is looking for a talented Digital Content Producer to join our team and create compelling blog posts, social media content, website copy, white papers, news releases and advertising messages for us and our clients. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of producing pieces that increase engagement and drive leads. This position requires a high level…

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Rooted Web adds digital content producer to marketing team

Rooted Web, a local full-service website design and digital marketing agency, has expanded its marketing team with the addition of Ryan Berger as a digital content producer. Berger, a Ballwin, Missouri, native, earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communication: TV/film from Southeast Missouri State University. Berger previously worked on the social media team at University…

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SEMO Food Bank launches new, mobile-friendly website

Southeast Missouri Food Bank has launched an updated website with a mobile-friendly design and user-focused functionality to better reach the people it serves. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, SEMO Food Bank saw an increase in people who had never used their services before seeking support. This influx highlighted a need to make their…

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Welcome Sam Bergmann, digital content writer

Rooted Web of Cape Girardeau, Missouri is excited to welcome Sam Bergmann as a digital content writer on the marketing and social media team.

Rooted Web is excited to welcome Sam Bergmann as a digital content writer on the marketing and social media team. Sam Bergmann, a Perryville, Missouri, native, has worked previously in social media and marketing roles for Mary Jane Brands, Crown Valley Winery and St. Nicholas Brewing Company. In her new role, Bergmann will work closely…

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Rooted Web expands sales, design teams

Colin Dame and Bryce Willi

Rooted Web, a Cape Girardeau-based full-service website design and digital marketing agency, has expanded its sales and design teams with the addition of Colin Dame as sales specialist and Bryce Willi as UI/UX designer. Dame, a Chaffee, Missouri, native, earned his bachelor’s degree in general studies from Southeast Missouri State University. Dame is a member…

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Marketing agency puts down roots in Southeast Missouri

Rooted Web’s digital marketing team is committed to helping businesses build on their marketing foundation and raise it to the next level.

Recruiters Websites, a Cape Girardeau-based digital agency specializing in the staffing and recruitment industry, is bringing its nationally successful service home to Southeast Missouri with Rooted Web, a full-service marketing agency dedicated to helping area businesses grow their online presence. “A small business draws strength from its network, and we can help your business branch…

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Luck takes a lot of work

The best time to prepare is yesterday. The second-best time is now. We urge our clients to be proactive when it comes to web design.

Here at Rooted Web, we’re suckers for a good quote. There is one from the Roman philosopher Seneca the Younger that has been tossed around for centuries but is a true gem even today: Luck is the point where preparation meets opportunity. The genius behind this particular aphorism is that, while brief, it is comprehensive.…

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What the Mighty Ducks taught us about branding

The Mighty Ducks trilogy taught us a lot as kids. It taught us about friendship and perseverance. It taught us that ducks fly together. And, of course, it taught us the knuckle-puck (I know it works, I’m just not doing it right). But now that we are adults (well, big kids), Ducks has taught us…

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