Who You Gonna Call? Web Designers!

Web design isn’t easy. Like, at all. 

“But wait! I know a friend who made a website for her company, and it was super easy. She did it in like a day.”

Yup, there are tools out there that take much of the difficulty out of it. I mean, I even designed a few websites in my day using drag and drop template sites. They looked good and functioned well, and I was happy. But in all honesty, I had no idea what I was doing, and when it came to things like SEO and keywords, I completely phoned it in. It pains me now to think about the potential loss in revenue because I didn’t know what SEO even meant. 

There are so many reasons why hiring a professional web designer helps you in the long run, and here are the top six.

Reason #1: Customization

Those drag and drop sites can create some beautiful results, but they lack many customization options like specific fonts and or color palettes, not to mention all the plugins you may not even know about because no one told you about them. When working with professional website designers, you tell them what you want, and they will find a way to make it look as close to (or better than) what you imagined.

If you were getting married, you wouldn’t hire Uncle Marty to do the photography if he doesn’t have any experience beyond the camera on his flip phone. Your website is too important to leave in the hands of an amateur with limited tools.

Reason #2: New Technology

Speaking of plugins, new technology pops up daily, but what’s the point in designing a website when elements may be out of date a week after launching. Part of the life of a professional is researching and continuing education, things you don’t have time for with your busy schedule as a business owner. 

Reason #3: Online Strategy & Support

You know what you want the end product to look like, but you may have no idea how to actually get there. It’s nothing to be ashamed of because the journey is always harder than the destination. A professional web designer will keep your business model and professional voice in mind while creating an end product to be proud of. They will lay the foundation for a long-term, evolving business.

Let’s say you figure it out and design a website using a self-build option. The level of assistance you can expect to receive is often non-existent. Website support will not normally be included, meaning when you inevitably experience a problem, there’s no one there to help (for free, at least).

Reason #4: Faster Load Times

Here are some numbers that’ll blow your mind.

  • 47% of internet users expect a website to load within two seconds.
  • 64% of mobile users expect a site to load in four seconds.
  • A one second delay in load times leads to an 11% loss in page views.
  • A one second delay in load speeds leads to a 7% reduction in conversions.

Guess who knows how to optimize load speeds and in return earn more money for your bottom dollar? You got it, the professional web designers. 

Reason #5: Higher Credibility

When someone visits your website, you want to wow them. The ultimate goal of your website is to make money, and what better way than to show people you’re a reputable company who cares enough about their product to invest time and money into it. A professional web designer knows how to make you more than a cold distant company, but rather a human who wants to help another human with their product or service. They know how to use your voice to speak to the masses while still giving your website personality. They thrive on making you look good. And how did you find that web designer? Probably through a well-designed website.

Reason #6: Getting Found

The whole purpose of a website is to be found when someone searches for your services or products online. You want to make sure you’re at the top of the search results and not lost on Page 5. Search engine optimization, or SEO, has quite a learning curve like we discussed before, and this isn’t something you jump into blind.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding a great web designer. The team at Rooted Web is here to help you from start to finish and beyond through email automation and social media content services. Let us help you show off your business!

Samantha Prost

Samantha Prost is a digital content writer with almost 10 years of experience who uses her upbeat and creative energy to write fresh, fun and custom content for our clients.

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