How to Stay Motivated During a Long Web Design Project

staying motivated

At Rooted Web, we’re no strangers to long-term projects. We’ve seen it all from marketing strategies to website design and development. No one knows better than us that long projects come with the difficulty of staying motivated. Maintaining long-term motivation is no easy task, but it is one that we’re familiar with. Here are our…

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Template vs Custom Website: Creating the Site of Your Dreams

Template vs custom website - Blog post from Rooted Web

It’s always the same story. You hear about a new business, and you do what feels most natural. You Google them. In fact, 97 percent of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else. This means it’s not only important to have a great website and online presence, it’s necessary. And provided…

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It’s a Monster of a Website

Your future customer picks up her smartphone looking, hoping to find someone, anyone who can help. But she encounters a monster of a website!

It was a dark and stormy night… Your future customer picks up her smartphone looking, hoping to find someone, anyone who can help. The thunder crashes and the strobe of lightning flashes through her front window. She sees a shadow, hears a creak in the floor behind her. She turns.  Nothing there. She turns back…

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Don’t Put Your Eggs All in One Site

When Facebook went down, were customers able to still find you online?

On October 4, 2021, time stood still.  Well, not quite. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down, taking much of us with them. It was the longest outage since 2008, and it seemed like it was never going to end. But it did. And our lives went back to normal, filled with mindless scrolling and posting…

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Web Design vs Web Development: What’s the Difference?

Web design vs web development, what’s the difference?

Web design vs web development, what’s the difference? Although often used interchangeably when describing the small business website building process, they are certainly not the same thing. While there are some firms, like us, with designers who can develop and developers who can design, that isn’t always the case. For that reason, it’s important to…

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Who You Gonna Call? Web Designers!

There are so many reasons why hiring a professional web designer helps you in the long run, and here are the top six.

Web design isn’t easy. Like, at all.  “But wait! I know a friend who made a website for her company, and it was super easy. She did it in like a day.” Yup, there are tools out there that take much of the difficulty out of it. I mean, I even designed a few websites…

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Which is Better for SEO? WordPress or Squarespace

Our website host comparison can help dig deeper into what makes WordPress and Squarespace different and what's best for your business.

So you came up with an idea for a company. You put money, sweat and tears into the project and make it a reality. You made a Facebook page because that’s what everyone told you to do, and now they are telling you to make a website too? As if you didn’t have enough to…

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Top 10 Industries in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Cape Girardeau, Missouri continues to grow with new business opportunities every year, and we’re excited to share some of the top industries.

We are lucky to be nestled in the middle of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, a community full of thriving businesses, rich history, and new ideas. This city continues to grow with new business opportunities every year, and we’re excited to share some of the industries that have experienced the most growth. Here are the top 10…

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Why Small Businesses in Southeast Missouri Need a Great Website

If your website looks bad, your small business looks bad, and nobody wants to go with a business that they think is bad.

“Food near me.” “New power drill.” “Rash ointment.” We’ve all been here before, searching for the things we need. No matter what we’re looking for, the process is always the same — time to use the Google machine. And what are the first results? Walmart, Amazon and the other big guys. It would be nice…

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How to Make Your Nonprofit Website Successful

Every nonprofit organization should have a nonprofit website that serves as a digital home base for their organization.

Selling a product or service can be hard, but at least the customer gets something out of it. They walk away with a new, tangible item in hand or a visible service that can be tracked and witnessed. It’s hard but doable. Now, think about selling something that can never be held or used. That’s…

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