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A Hostage Situation

A Hostage Situation: Rescuing Your Website Information

The website information … where is the login? the password? You can hear your heart beating out of your chest. The sweat beads up on your forehead like the morning dew of an unseasonably warm March. Your hands shake as your thumbs nervously poke and prod the luminous screen of your smartphone, the smudges of…

Champion Tree Close Up Hold Your Head Up and Stay Rooted in Your Community

Hold Your Head Up: Active Online, Rooted in Your Community

When I pulled into the parking lot of our building today, the number of cars at 8:30 am was fewer than the day before. Every day since Covid-19 arrived in the United States, the number of people allowed to come to work has decreased. The number of patrons in the coffee shop across the hall…

2020 New Approach, New Focus, Goal Oriented/RootedWeb

A New Year Demands a New Approach

It is the third day of 2020, and you’re here.  You made it.  Or maybe you just started, and in that case, welcome to a new year full of opportunity to reflect, adjust and invent new ways to get your message to the masses, to accomplish new goals, or even old ones using a fresh…

Ghostwriter typing on computer

Despooking ghostwriting for small business

Ghostwriting for small business—what does it really mean? The term ghostwriting can be a bit confusing at times because the word itself is a bit misleading. As exciting as it would be to have a ghost writing all your content, that isn’t what is happening—well, at least not per se.  What is Ghostwriting?  Simply put,…

social media marketing to grow your business

Marketing tactics to grow your business: social media

By now, you should have a better understanding of digital marketing—if not, you still have time to catch up. Content marketing falls under the digital marketing umbrella and we discussed how, when used effectively, content marketing and storytelling can impact the way readers interact with your brand. This week, we are focusing on social media…

Correctness is Changing | Rooted Web

Correctness is Changing

The internet. With its limitless scrolling and slangy phrases, different usage rules are creeping in. Correctness is changing. And believe me, back in the 1990s, I rode that first wave of rules-keepers who were adamant that correctness was paramount. I carried that insistence with me through my adult life, and my stints in print journalism…

TikTok Rooted Web

TikTok Marketing

TikTok is the newest social media craze sweeping the nation. As with any new platform, there are a lot of questions: what is it? How does it work? What is a VSCO Girl? To be fair, we don’t know the answer to that last question either, but we do want to help shed some light…


What the Heck is SEO?

If you’ve ever built a website with us or plan to, you’ll hear the term SEO a lot. SEO is necessary for making a website successful because, without it, almost no one will be able to find you. We get a lot of questions about SEO so we are addressing some of the most frequent…

website maintenance

Maintain Your Website, Maintain Your Business

When you open your business, you put a lot of time into making sure the paint job is perfect. The lights are on, the floors are swept and everything looks perfect. You want your potential customers to be attracted to your business so it draws them in. They should feel compelled to see what you…

content marketing in cape girardeau

Content Marketing 101

When it comes to marketing your business, there are a lot of different strategies to consider. If you follow our blog regularly, you might remember the marketing tree we discussed a couple of weeks ago. Today, we’re going to look at another leaf on that tree: content marketing.  What is content marketing? To understand what…