10 Things you NEED to know about social in 2024

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that social media (no matter the platform) is always changing. While trends will always come and go, 2024 is going to be more about paving the way for experimentation rather than following the rules of the algorithm gods.  

As we dive into the top social media trends of 2024, we’ll explore how this constant digital metamorphosis can inspire and shape your strategies for the year ahead. 

Long-form content continues to dominate 

With an insatiable appetite for knowledge and understanding, users are shifting their gaze towards more substantial and comprehensive content. Social media platforms like Medium and LinkedIn are feeding this hunger, offering space for in-depth articles and extended videos that dive deep into various topics. Users are not just passively consuming this content, but actively engaging, sharing and sparking meaningful conversations around it. This swing towards long-form content allows for a richness and depth of user experience that short posts simply can’t compete with. 

Shifting user demographics and interests 

As the young ‘digital natives’ who were once the primary targets for social media platforms age, a fresh wave of users is stepping into the spotlight. These digital prodigies, with their unique tastes and passions, are reshaping the online content world. There’s a marked shift toward more specialized platforms – spaces where individual hobbies and interests take center stage. 

Authenticity is key 

Authenticity has emerged as a beacon of trust. The days of polished, perfect marketing are slipping into the shadows. In their place, we’re seeing an upsurge in authentic, user-generated content and heartfelt, real-life narratives. Brands that can share their raw, human side on social media platforms are becoming beloved favorites. This isn’t just about being real; it’s about showing realness in a way that connects, that stirs emotions and that fosters genuine connections.  

This calls for courage—the courage to let down the guard, to embrace imperfections and to share stories that resonate on a deeply personal level. 

Be on the lookout for emerging platforms (like Threads) 

With the rising popularity of apps like Threads, we’re witnessing a tectonic shift in how online communities engage. These thread-based platforms encourage in-depth, real-time discussions, ushering in a new era of dialogue-driven interaction. Picture it as a digital town hall, where everyone from casual browsers to brand can engage in meaningful exchanges. No longer is social media merely a one-way broadcasting platform – it’s transforming into an active, global conversation. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are here to stay 

Buckle up, because artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are turbocharging the social media experience like never before! These revolutionary technologies are reshaping our digital landscape, making online interactions smoother, more personalized and highly efficient. Imagine having customer service chatbots ready to answer your audience’s queries at any hour of the day, or predictive analytics that offer users content tailored precisely to their preferences. 

But the wonders of AI and machine learning extend far beyond this. They’re revamping the way content is distributed, how user interactions are understood and even how ad campaigns are managed. Picture a world where your ad content intelligently adjusts based on user engagement and behavioral patterns. That’s the game-changing potential of AI and machine learning. 

Privacy concerns and regulations 

Our online footprints are becoming larger, and so are the concerns surrounding our privacy. High-profile data breaches have rattled the public’s trust, prompting a demand for stronger security measures and more transparent practices.  

In response, social media platforms are anticipated to double down on their efforts to safeguard user information. Expect to see a fortified digital fortress in the years to come, with enhanced privacy settings and more robust cybersecurity measures in place. 

Personalization and customization  

Get ready for a social media experience that’s more personalized than ever before! Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, platforms are evolving to deliver content that caters to each user’s unique preferences and interests. Picture this: a feed filled with posts that align with your passions, ads that speak to your needs and recommendations that feel like they were hand-picked just for you! This custom-curated world isn’t just a boon for users, though. It presents marketers with a goldmine of information, revealing insights into customer behaviors, needs and preferences. 

Keep up with trending topics to stay ahead of the algorithm 

Catching the wave of trending topics is no longer optional, it’s essential. Viral trends spread like wildfire in the digital age, offering a unique chance to amplify your brand’s voice and engage with your audience. The online world is abuzz with hashtag challenges, trending memes and viral videos – these are the currents that push the social media ship forward.  

From humorous memes to thought-provoking challenges, brands that effectively ride these trends stay in the limelight. These fleeting yet powerful moments provide a stage for your brand to showcase its relevance, creativity and engagement. Utilizing trending topics isn’t just about gaining visibility, it’s about connecting with your audience in a way that’s current and exciting. 

Google is showing your follower count in the search results 

Follower counts are no longer just vanity metrics! They’re gearing up to play a starring role in search engine visibility. High follower counts are set to give your brand a leg-up in search engine rankings, making it crucial to cultivate and sustain a robust online community. Think of it as a digital thumbs-up, a testament to your brand’s popularity and credibility in the vast social media universe. But remember, it’s not about amassing followers just for the sake of it. 

Fostering genuine connections, nurturing engagement and delivering value keeps your audience coming back for more. As these follower numbers start to influence search results, it’s time to double down on your community-building efforts. Gear up to cultivate an active, engaged following that doesn’t just boost your numbers, but also enhances your brand’s visibility and credibility 

LinkedIn reached one billion members 

Get ready to raise a toast, because LinkedIn has hit a monumental milestone! This professional networking powerhouse now boasts a staggering one billion members. That’s one billion professionals, innovators and leaders united under one digital roof. This surge in membership signifies a radical shift in the digital landscape, as professional networking moves increasingly online. It’s a testament to LinkedIn’s strength as a platform, uniting individuals across industries and continents, fostering collaborations, sparking discussions and facilitating opportunities like never before.  

As the platform evolves, it continues to offer unique opportunities for marketers. It’s a golden ticket into a vast community of professionals, a chance to engage in meaningful dialogues and an avenue for positioning your brand in the professional sphere. So, whether you’re looking to hire, connect, learn or market, LinkedIn’s billion-strong community is a space teeming with possibilities. 

It’s okay if your content flops. That’s where Rooted Web steps in.  

Fret not, even if your content doesn’t hit the mark, consider it a stepping stone, not a setback. It’s a golden opportunity to understand what doesn’t resonate with your audience, what needs to be tweaked or perhaps reimagined. Keep experimenting, keep learning and, above all, keep growing. And remember, you’re not alone in this. 

The marketing team at Rooted Web is just a call away, ready to assist in refining your social media strategy and turning those flops into phenomenal success stories. Ready to know what it takes? Contact us today.  

Natalia Navarro

Natalia Navarro is a digital content producer who uses her unique perspective to create innovative and custom written and visual content for our clients.

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