10 Marketing Newsletters We Love

It’s a Monday. You swung by your favorite coffee shop and rolled up to work with a less than chipper attitude. There’s so much to do, and you don’t know where to start. You open your inbox, and all you see is work. Wouldn’t it be great if you opened that inbox to find a couple of marketing newsletters to welcome you to the week and give you something to look forward to? That’s how my mornings start, and I’ll tell you, they are the whipped cream on my morning coffee. 

Here are 10 marketing newsletters we suggest subscribing to soon.

1. The Daily Carnage

Focus: General Marketing

Carney+Co. is a full-service agency specializing in design and development for the browser, desktop, and mobile platforms.

The agency is empowering marketing pros with great knowledge, best practices, and latest industry trends through its “Daily Carnage,” a hand-picked list of the best marketing content delivered to your inbox daily.

2. The Hustle

Focus: Marketing and Other Professionals

The Hustle is a daily newsletter providing snackable, quippy news on a variety of professional industries. Tech, stocks, scandals—and basically any other kind of businesses—are included in The Hustle, as long as they’re newsworthy and professionally relevant. By offering different kinds of stories, this newsletter provides a comprehensive news cycle. 

3. HubSpot Blog

Focus: General Marketing

Their marketing newsletter always contains a great blog post, a free resource (mostly cheat sheets and ebooks) and they recently added an interactive quiz to it (which we love, obviously). 

Their newsletter has a big plus, besides that of top-notch content and professional insight—you can customize your newsletter to bits. Set your newsletter subscription preferences by opting in for one or as many of the following options: marketing blog, sales blog, customer Success blog, agency newsletter and the academy blog.

4. Moz Top 10

Focus: SEO and Inbound Marketing

Moz is a browser plugin that assesses domain and page authority, as well as backlinks associated with a site ranking for a keyword. Its bi-monthly Top 10 newsletter is chock-full of SEO and digital marketing news.

5. Marketing Dive

Focus: General Marketing

Marketing Dive’s newsletter strives to give you the best of both worlds—an email that can be consumed in less than 60 seconds, but links to very in-depth content for the topics and headlines that matter most to you (and they’re even kind enough to give you a “deep dive” warning for longer pieces). They cover everything from tech to video marketing to analytics to creative and more.

6. Sprout Social

Focus: Analytics & Raw Data

Sprout Social provides noteworthy articles on social media and marketing automation, articles that any automation platform professional would undoubtedly make use of. Users definitely enjoy Sprout Social’s how-to guides, raw data, user education articles, tips, tricks, hacks, videos, pdfs and free courses. 

7. Ragan Daily Headlines

Focus: Public Relations & Communications

Ragan Communications offers several newsletters, but the Daily Headlines is a quick and effective way to scan the most important goings-on without being bogged down with fluff.

8. Unbounce

Focus: Landing Page Optimization

Unbounce’s platform supports landing page creation and optimization. The newsletter is packed with the latest conversion tips to help you crush your next marketing campaign. You can choose between daily or weekly emails.

9. Total Annarchy

Focus: General Marketing Opinions

Unlike many of the other brands on this list, Ann Handley’s newsletter is her own personal thoughts and ideas. But given that she’s the best selling author of a fantastic marketing book, we say her ideas are worth reading.

Since Ann’s primary expertise is in writing, much of her advice surrounds content—improving newsletters, blogging, and storytelling advice. But sometimes her newsletters are just about what’s catching her attention at the time. While the latter may seem less actionable, it also makes the emails more fun to read and can help inspire ideas in other ways.

10. Later

Focus: Instagram

You’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Instagram—the latest trends, how to drive traffic from Instagram Stories and how to work with influencers. It’s short, friendly, useful, and consistent.

There are so many marketing newsletters out there, it’s hard to swim through all the new thoughts and ideas they provide and turn them into something usable. That’s where our marketing team at Rooted Web comes in; we want nothing more than to help you up your marketing game. Let’s chat!

Samantha Prost

Samantha Prost is a digital content writer with almost 10 years of experience who uses her upbeat and creative energy to write fresh, fun and custom content for our clients.

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