Why Small Businesses Need Local Marketing and Advertising

You’ve worked incredibly hard for your small business. You’ve been there day and night, building it from idea to full-fledged organization. Maybe you just launched a new product, or maybe you’ve reached a revenue goal. You have plenty to be excited about.

No matter the milestone, you may still be missing one key piece of the puzzle: you need to be marketing and advertising. 

If you don’t think marketing and advertising are for you, especially at the local level, consider this: even the largest companies in the country are advertising—why shouldn’t you?

So, as a smaller organization in a crowded market, what can you do?

Organic Local Marketing Strategies

The first thing you can do to market your business is take advantage of free, organic marketing methods. Social media is one of the best tools to do this.

Select a few channels that make sense for your audience and create pages for your small business. Take Facebook, for example. Create a company page there, and build it out entirely. Include what you do and who you are so page visitors understand your small business and what it provides. 

Social media are built for connections (hence the “social” part), so be sure to take advantage of them. The goal is to take users from this digital space and convert them into customers. By working to connect with your audience, you are, at worst, establishing yourself within the community. At best, you’re generating sales and bringing in revenue.

Don’t forget about your personal accounts either! Sharing content from your page and on your company page extends your reach and puts your message in front of more people. And, as we know, getting your name in front of people is the first step in establishing a customer-business relationship.

Paid Local Marketing Strategies

You don’t need to buy a multi-million dollar ad or launch a massive Times Square campaign (or, in this case, buy out the big billboard on Kingshighway), but paid marketing efforts are an excellent way to get your name out there.

Paid marketing for small businesses can range anywhere from social media and digital ads to full-scale advertising campaigns. Ultimately, what you choose to do is based on your goals and how you want to position yourself within the community. Some organizations prefer more traditional methods, while others pursue digital campaigns.

No matter what you decide to do, something is better than nothing. However, it is vital to understand your audience in order to tailor your messaging and campaign direction specifically to them. 

Investing in You

It can be a little scary to spend money on marketing and advertising, but remember: this investment is an investment in you. Business brought in through these efforts is a direct return on your investment.

One of the best ways to invest in your small business is through your website. Your website serves as a digital home, acting as your best and most lasting first impression. It is available 24/7 and establishes you as an actual business within your community, so people can learn about and get in touch with you. Remember, a website can make or break your business, especially when it comes to local small businesses.

The world of advertising and marketing can be a bit daunting. That’s why we’re here to help. Rooted Web offers full-scale marketing and website solutions specifically tailored to the business of Southeast Missouri. Reach out to learn more about how we can help your small business grow.

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