Why Small Businesses in Southeast Missouri Need a Great Website

“Food near me.” “New power drill.” “Rash ointment.”

We’ve all been here before, searching for the things we need. No matter what we’re looking for, the process is always the same — time to use the Google machine. And what are the first results? Walmart, Amazon and the other big guys. It would be nice to shop local, but it’s not always easy, especially when small businesses don’t have a website. Here’s where a great website can help your small business in Southeast Missouri.

You’re Losing Business Without a Great Website

Let’s face it, situations like the one above aren’t rare. If potential clients and customers can’t find your business online, they’re less likely to choose your business. Even worse, if your website looks bad, your small business looks bad. Obviously, nobody wants to go with a business that they think is bad. A great website can fix that. It immediately gives your small business credibility, building trust with your audience and removing any suspicion potential customers may have. Websites allow people to interact with your small business outside of the traditional storefront, creating an online presence that reinforces your brand and engages your audience.

Reaching Clients

It used to be easier for small businesses to bring in customers. A nice sign and an interesting storefront could bring in people who were walking along the main street. I love window shopping with my fiancée on a sunny Saturday, but that’s not enough for small businesses to compete anymore. Google is the new window shopping platform, and a professional website gives small businesses in Southeast Missouri the digital storefront they need to reach customers. Having a website can generate leads organically and bring in new business, allowing small businesses to compete and grow.

Showcasing Yourself

A small business without a website is a new car without wheels. Sure, the car has a good engine and new brakes, but it can’t get anywhere without the tires. Just like that car, your small business can’t go anywhere if people don’t know what you do. Building a strong website can fix that problem. Establishing who you are and what makes you unique gives you a leg up on competition by encouraging customers to come to your business.  Showcasing what your business can provide customers is key to growth. When people are scrolling through those Google results, you want your business to be seen, and having a professional website can do just that.

A great website is necessary for small businesses in Southeast Missouri, but the idea of building one can be daunting. No need to fret! We have a dedicated team here at Rooted Web ready to help you build your website and grow your business. Give us a call today!

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