Rebranding Strategy: 3 Signs It’s Time For A Refresh

Creating a strong brand is more than just slapping a logo on a social media post and calling it a day. In fact, your brand should evoke strong consumer recognition and should be long-lasting. If you find neither of these emotions is happening, it may be time to discuss a rebranding strategy.

Big businesses are constantly rebranding and evolving their personality in order to sustain their relationships and create new ones. Starbucks underwent rebranding in 2011, Instagram in 2016 and, more recently, Facebook (now Meta) last December.

No matter the size of your business, your brand presence should reflect relevant shifts in the market or even changes in your company. In 2020, 75 percent of Americans switched brands—and that volatility could indicate that many companies need to refresh or rebrand themselves to stay viable with their customers. 

Here are three signs that it’s time for your organization to consider a brand refresh:

1. You’re attracting the wrong audience

Everything about your company or business could change over time. Your audience, your services and your offers all change, so it’s important that your brand accurately reflects what your business has become. 

Your brand should reflect how you present your business across all platforms and locations while positioning to target newer demographics and maintaining brand loyalty. If you find that your campaigns are attracting the wrong audience or your brand identity is missing the mark, reach out to marketing specialists to discuss a rebranding strategy.

2. Your brand feels old

Today, many businesses are trying to get a bite of the metaphorical Gen Z pie. With older Gen Zers on the cusp of 24-25 years old, this is a demographic that has entered the workforce and has access to disposable income, with the entire generation making up about 40 percent of U.S. consumers. That said, reinventing your brand to appeal to new segments may be the revival your brand needs. 

For many, creating a new brand identity includes updating their logos, brand colors, message, pricing or packaging. It could also include where you place your campaigns and other messaging. Posting to newer social media channels, such as TikTok, could be the push your campaign needs to give your brand a little marketing boost. 

Gen Z and Millennials are casually embracing new trends, such as maximalism, vivid and bold colors, mascot-driven strategies and highly visual concepts. Refreshing your brand so it doesn’t feel, well, old is a great way to position yourself in front of a demographic that’s willing to spend some cash.

3. Your brand’s personality is changing

We often hear this from our clients. Sometimes, humor just performs better in the social media world. Why else would everyone’s feeds be filled with memes and funny videos? Consumers like content that makes them feel good. You may find that you are simply outgrowing your original brand. 

Redefining your brand’s personality and ideal customer is the first step to any rebranding strategy. Maybe you started out by servicing a specific kind of customer and then became interested in a different segment. Or maybe your new ideal customer has different problems you can provide solutions to. 

Moving beyond your original brand displays growth in your business, and your brand should be a positive reflection of you, what you do or the services you provide.

What goes into a rebranding strategy?

Many variables go into a rebranding strategy, whether it’s a small- or large-scale change. Here’s our quick checklist of marketing collateral and other elements to take into consideration when you’re rebuilding your brand strategies.

  • Website redesign
  • Website domain name
  • Visual identity across all platforms (brand style, colors, fonts)
  • Signage
  • Print collateral and stationery
  • Logos
  • Copywriting language
  • Brand audit
  • Customer research
  • Rollout/Launch
  • Newsletters/Automations
  • Social media

We know rebranding your business is just as complex as coming up with the original concept—but that’s what we’re here for! As your full-service digital marketing agency, we offer branding and other creative services. Rooted Web takes the time to learn about your business’ values and mission so that you can find your new long-lasting identity.

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Natalia Navarro

Natalia Navarro is a digital content producer who uses her unique perspective to create innovative and custom written and visual content for our clients.

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