How to Attract Customers to Your Website

Look, it’s time to face reality. If you don’t have a functioning and attractive website, you’re losing out on valuable customers. Nearly 50 percent of businesses fail in their first five years. One of the top reasons for failure? Poor marketing and a poor digital presence. So, if your website is an absolute horror story of a design, we recommend refurbishing it. 

If you’re asking yourself how to attract customers to your website, here are our three simplest tips to guarantee results. 

Effective Branding

Branding is so much more than just slapping on a logo. In fact, it encompasses several features and design elements on your website, such as: 

  • Strong, distinguishing features from other competitors
  • Reflective attributes of your business’ culture
  • Content that tells the story of your business or organization, like video or other media
  • Consistent messaging 

Let’s say you’re an ice cream business owner and you’re looking to rebrand your website. What sets you apart? Maybe you’ve been in the ice cream business for 20 years, or perhaps instead of the usual scoop of ice cream, you roll it instead—these are the distinguishing features you should include on your website. What kind of content should you have? Excellent video content could range from overhead video of an employee rolling ice cream to people enjoying an ice cream cone on a hot, sunny day. 

A well-designed website is well branded. Don’t be a copycat. Remember, you want to separate yourself from the other competitors. 

See a Need, Fill a Need

Your website must serve a purpose—if not, what’s the point? Before redesigning your website, consider what it is that customers visit for. Are they heading to your online shop? Should they subscribe to your newsletter? Are they heading over to read a blog or update?

Most of the time, customers don’t peruse your entire website when they click. In fact, the average time visitors take to form an opinion on your website is 0.05 seconds. It’s important to establish a great first impression and have the information they need available as quickly as possible.

For example, a customer is looking into your jewelry business and is interested in buying a necklace. However, they want to know what materials you use to make your jewelry. They visit your website to try and look for your FAQs but alas, fail to find the page. Because the information is not easily accessible or available, they close out your website and head to a competitor’s instead. 

You need to give your customers what they want—and they want an organized, sophisticated and easily-accessible website. 

It’s About the Experience

A sophisticated website engages with people. Ideally, no customer should leave without taking at least one action on your website (signing up for a newsletter, calling your business, purchasing/ordering a product or service, reading a blog post, etc.). 

Users expect your website to be fast, clean and secure. Your website should flow together with consistent design and messaging. Do all the logos match? Are your images and video high quality? Is your navigation bar easy to use? Is your chatbot competent? A website that’s all over the place will result in a loss of leads.

If you want to know how to attract customers to your website, remember the above three tenets. Websites that give a great experience increase the likelihood of returning users. 

At Rooted Web, we have unparalleled web design and marketing services. If you’re having difficulty with your website and are looking to rebrand from top to bottom, view our portfolio today and reach out to start a conversation.

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