Maintain Your Website, Maintain Your Business

When you open your business, you put a lot of time into making sure the paint job is perfect. The lights are on, the floors are swept and everything looks perfect. You want your potential customers to be attracted to your business so it draws them in. They should feel compelled to see what you have to offer. After opening, you keep your business looking good by touching up paint, updating furnishings, changing light bulbs and whatever else needs done. 

This same concept applies to your website. Once you have set up a beautiful, one-of-a-kind website, you need to keep it updated. Regular maintenance keeps your website looking fresh and attractive so customers are always looking for your business. 

Maintenance is Key

After you’ve built a beautiful and professional website, keeping it maintained is essential. Just like with a physical building, you have to do regular maintenance and updates to keep your site attractive to your customers. How well you maintain your property reflects on how well you maintain your business. You wouldn’t welcome customers into a building with chipping paint and broken furnishings, so why would you welcome them to a website with links that go nowhere and outdated information? 

Having a shabby website can be a lot like having a “Do Not Enter” sign on your storefront. 

It All Needs to Work

A great website has to be effective and a poor layout can hinder that. You put a lot of thought into arranging your office or store. You thought about how to make it attractive, interesting, and, most of all, navigable. Without a clear path, potential customers can literally get lost. 

Your website should be designed just as meticulously. A website with beautiful colors and eye-catching imagery captures customers’ attention, but cannot survive on their own. Your website needs to be navigable and user-friendly or else you may literally lose people who opt to find a better, more welcoming website to visit.

The effort you put into keeping your business’ physical location maintained is the same amount you should put into keeping your online presence maintained. Making sure your security systems are updated (we’ll be talking about that in a couple of weeks—stay tuned) and keeping your website clean and efficient is essential to its success. 

At Rooted Web, we take website maintenance seriously. When it comes time for an update, we’re here to guide you through the process and make the changes necessary for success. Without advanced hosting solutions, we also keep your security up-to-date to ensure the most safety and privacy for your visitors. To see how Rooted Web can help maintain your business, contact Rooted Web today.

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