A New Year Demands a New Approach

It is the third day of 2020, and you’re here. 

You made it. 

Or maybe you just started, and in that case, welcome to a new year full of opportunity to reflect, adjust and invent new ways to get your message to the masses, to accomplish new goals, or even old ones using a fresh approach. We will have new chances to approach those subjects we are passionate about with renewed and amended focus. 

Adjust Your Sights

When I was a kid, I would draw. And I loved to draw. I would doodle on every piece of scrap paper, every children’s menu, church bulletin and junk envelope I could manage to get my little hands on. I loved the act of it and was passionate about it, until I discovered writing. From there my focus changed because my passion did. 

By each of us focusing on what we are proficient or skilled at, and more importantly passionate about, we can set goals that are more directed and more efficiently met. We only have so much mental bandwidth, so much energy to devote to our goals. We must choose which of these goals match most closely, and preferably those goals that might depend and build on each other. If we can direct our energy as a beam, as opposed to dividing our time and resources like a scattershot, we can build the inertia to carry forward substantial change.

Action Reaction

Developing a plan of limited goals will restrict potential change and thus, allows those changes to be less abruptly and more organically added to one’s life. We have existing systems in place because they serve a purpose. It is often a mistake to approach a problem with a “burn it to the ground, salt the earth” approach. Positive change comes incrementally and will affect life adjacent life and business categories. In relation to workplace interaction, your innovation and effort will most definitely inspire both criticism and emulation—both necessary for healthy development.      

Focusing on change will force those in your communities to take notice and react. Ambition is like the game of “Mouse Trap,” one action results in a cascade of reactions bringing about massive change. In the game’s case, a rodent is incarcerated, but in your case something of greater consequence that will carry over and enhance your ability to meet future goals. 

Updated Mindset?

The greatest success stories, in any field, are often sequels. Knowing that it is possible to succeed can be a prerequisite for more substantial, landscape-altering victories. Knowing there is hope, it is much easier to be courageous. The Empire Strikes Back taught me that. That and never work on a space station…ever. 

We will definitely fail a time or ten. We will be misinterpreted or ignored. We will do the math wrong or write a thing taken out of context. Mistakes will be made when venturing into unfamiliar territory, but each time we fail is the next platform from which to step forward and say, I am more than yesterday.  

At Rooted Web, we wish all of you a Happy New Year full of the steps necessary to get you that much closer to your continuing success story.

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Cole Windler

Cole Windler is a copywriter and SEO expert. He uses his creative writing background to create fresh, compelling and customized content for Rooted Web clients.

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