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Website Design Company Freeburg

Rooted Web is about more than unmatched web design and marketing services. We are a full-service digital creative agency that puts in the hard work required to help your organization grow from the ground up.

From the Ground Up - Website Design Company Freeburg

There's no substitution for hard work, and we believe in committing to the effort it takes to help businesses develop thriving digital ecosystems. Our work is kept in house and every project is constructed through the unique prism of your organization. Every page, every campaign and every system is a local and concerted effort that keeps your business first.

Full-Scale Marketing - Website Design Company Freeburg

From helping companies develop specific strategies to implementing digital campaigns, we take a holistic approach to your business as it pertains to marketing. We combine a differentiated perspective with proven solutions to help optimize your reach.

Web Design and Development - Website Design Company Freeburg

We do more than build websites. We nurture your web presence, and we coordinate software and systems to help strengthen the effectiveness of your digital environment. The end results are virtual mediums that never sacrifice power or aesthetics.

Making Your Business Ours - Website Design Company Freeburg

At the core of what drives us is an earnest interest in our clients. We're not just interested in what you directly need in terms of our digital services. We want to know what it is you do, inside and out. Your dreams. Your audience. Your goals. We want to make your business our business. It's that desire that has allowed us to grow into a firm that has delivered digital solutions from coast to coast and beyond.
We're cultivating brand growth for local and small businesses through powerful marketing and exceptional websites.

Growth Potential - Website Design Company Freeburg

We know about growth. We've helped it happen, and we've done it ourselves. Leveraging talent with experience, we are proof positive of our ability to make dreams come true.

Deep Roots - Website Design Company Freeburg

Rooted Web grew from one specialty: building websites that work. It's the same team with a new mission: to help small businesses cultivate and grow an online presence that will take the company to the next level. We can help with everything from redefining the web presence to elevating the national reach of a company's brand. We build, market and deliver digital ecosystems that encourage community growth and build recognition.
We're rooted in websites. Let us help you grow.

Our Services - Website Design Company Freeburg

Who we are isn't as important as what we do. And what we do can never truly be explained in a single paragraph, page or entire website. We've worked hard to make each project as unique as each client. Your business doesn't fit inside a box, which is why we're constantly thinking outside it.
Our method is built around providing solutions you need at every step along the way to ensure a streamlined experience that is as powerful as it is unique. We keep it simple by taking a two-pronged approach to your digital needs. From web design to marketing, we help develop your brand and then nurture it so that it can grow and flourish.
Whether you need to go full force or you're simply in need of some digital pruning, Rooted Web is positioned to help your company find its niche and cultivate your opportunity.

Be Heard - Website Design Company Freeburg

You're great at what you do. We're great at letting the world know. We have a strategy to fit any business and a reputation for .

Marketing Services - Website Design Company Freeburg

Are you reaching your audience? When compared to your competitors, can they see the forest for the trees? Marketing is more than just getting you noticed. It's about building channels of communication between you and your audience and creating opportunities to make impactful connections that help you grow.


Have an online business? Want to interact with your customers online? No problem. We build custom and secure forms that are easy to use and completed your customers’ data is being protected.

Monitoring, Analytics and Insights

Want to know who your customers are and what interests them about your business? Analytics and data monitoring can get you that information. We can show you how it works so your future activity is relevant to your current and future customers.

Website Diagnostics

Once a website is expertise, we are able to monitor it for any potential issues or problems. By being proactive, we can make sure your website is always good to go for you and your customers.

Public Relations

Growing a relationship with your community helps your brand flourish. We can help you create and maintain the perfect strategy to connect with your current and potential customers.


Intuitive navigation is crucial to a good website. We will make sure the navigation is practical and effective on whatever device your customers are using to find you.


Your business is unique so you need a unique marketing strategy to focus on what you do best. We will take the time to get to know you and your business goals to help you come up with the marketing strategy that works best for you.

Digital EcoSystem

When does a website become more than a website? That's the question we answer every day. We transform your website into a thriving environment that allows your business to grow and thrive.

Content Creation

Your one-of-a-kind business has a one-of-a-kind story and we want to help you tell it. We will work with you to create custom content for your website. Share your story your way with photos, social media, articles and more.

Branding and Creative Services

With so many businesses out there, it’s important to make yourself known and a one-of-a-kind business needs a one-of-a-kind brand. We will help you stand out so you don't get lost in the crowd.

Website Design and Development

The internet has matured and the digital landscape has evolved in such a way that having a web presence is very different than having a website. At Rooted Web, we don't look to simply improve your website's appearance. We want to provide you with a powerful tool that promotes continual engagement with your audience and helps your business grow and flourish.
We like to keep it real. That means real conversations with real people. Whether it's through our contact form, email, phone or a good-old-fashioned postcard, we're excited to hear from you.

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