SEMO Web Design

SEMO Web Design

At Rooted Web, we are committed to serving small business in Southeast Missouri by being a SEMO Web Design resource. When your business is in need of a website as original as your business, Rooted Web stands ready to help you plant the seeds for your digital ecosystem. 

As a family-owned and operated company made up Southeast Missouri locals, we have a plan to help this community flourish the way we believe it can. We saw a need for a home-grown website experience so we formed a firm with a special mission to help the small businesses cultivate and grow an online presence. 

We’ve created a team of experts who are dedicated to providing businesses in our community the opportunity to tell their unique stories by offering website design and development services that are personalized to you. With our expertise on your side, you will reach the customers you love in the way that satisfies your needs. We know it’s about more than just being the brightest flower in the garden; it’s about creating the strong roots that help you communicate and connect with your customers.


No matter the ambition for your business, Rooted Web can create a well-produced website that can help you achieve it. We take the opportunity to get to know you and your business so we can develop a website that represents your values, skills and services. Our SEMO web design team can help you captivate the audience you need to help your business flourish.

Custom Design

At Rooted Web, we understand the design of your website needs to represent the passion you have for your business. With stunning imagery, custom content and user-friendly navigation, Rooted Web can create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind website for your business. We don’t offer templates or generic designs because we design every website from the ground up guaranteeing your website is as unique as your company. 


No matter what software you’re using to run and maintain your business, Rooted Web can integrate those elements to make sure your online system is running smoothly. By integrating programs, you can run your business efficiently to its highest potential without technological setbacks.


Just like you call Southeast Missouri home, your website needs a home as well. When you host your website with Rooted Web, you maintain ownership of the site instead of handing it over to an anonymous third-party. We manage websites by taking a pro-active approach and monitoring for and preventing potential problems before they arise. 

Are you ready to grow?