Does a Business Website Save You Money?

Having a website for your company isn’t marketing, it’s business. It’s just as important as having a phone number or a product to sell. And I don’t mean a Facebook page that solely holds all your information—I mean a dedicated business website that either completes the sale, provides information about your product or service, or provides contact information to further the discussion with you. 

Initial Costs

As with everything in life, there is a cost for web design. Depending on your hosting provider and the design firm you choose, the cost varies tremendously. You can design a functional business website through services like Squarespace on the cheap or you can hire a custom website design company for several thousand dollars. Even if you go with a template design, adding widgets and plugins can drive up the price. But what is the true cost of a website? Time and effort. What are the rewards? Bunches!

Save on Marketing Dollars

When you take the time to design a custom website, you control your marketing. This tool is an extension of you. It’s a billboard, a radio spot, a TV commercial and a print ad all rolled into one. You should use other forms of marketing too, but with a great website, most of the work is done. While you sleep, people can visit that website, place sales and spread the word about you! Plus, you don’t have to have astronomical printing costs. No more rack cards sitting on a shelf collecting dust; you are constantly using your marketing materials now!

Save on Time Wasted

I used to work in a small-town Hallmark store when I was in college, and I cannot count the number of calls a store would get asking our hours of operation. Why did we get so many calls? You guessed it! We didn’t have a website and this was before Facebook was a thing for businesses. If the owner had found someone to design even the most basic website, it wouldn’t have taken that designer as much time as I had wasted answering simple questions over the phone. I mean, you know the saying— time is money.

Save on User Research

It’s very difficult to track a newspaper advertisement or a billboard. The same with television commercials and radio spots. However, website traffic is tracked every step of the way. You’ll know how many people visited your site and where they went. You can find out if someone added items to a shopping cart and abandoned them. You can see who picked up the phone to call after finding your business line on your Contact Us page. There are no complicated systems in place or codes to remember and to relay to you in order to get a special deal; they just search your company and move forward. This is truly beneficial because by tracking who visits your page and when, you can start to target your efforts to certain demographics or at certain times of day.

Potentially Save on Storefront Costs

As of May 2020, COVID-19 has permanently closed more than 100,000 small businesses nationwide, causing the loss of thousands of jobs and millions in revenue. That number is truly heartbreaking. Some have been lucky and moved their stores online, allowing them to continue a stream of revenue while losing the brick and mortar location. I personally know some businesses that will never return to a physical location and will only be doing ecommerce moving forward, and it’s hard to know whether that’s a good move or not. Ultimately, that is their decision, but luckily, they have the option with today’s amazing ecommerce tools.

The long and short of it all is you cannot function without a website. If you try, you aren’t giving your business a fighting chance. Rooted Web is here to help customize and design your website so you don’t miss out on potential sales. Let’s start the conversation!

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