Cape Girardeau Marketing

Cape Girardeau Marketing

Rooted Web is a Cape Girardeau Marketing company with a mission to help small businesses grow their brand awareness and customer base.  

As locals to Southeast Missouri, we saw a need for a new, modern agency that would support local businesses by assisting with marketing strategy and website development. Our specialized Cape Girardeau marketing firm is dedicated to helping the local businesses cultivate an online presence that will attract the customers they want. 


Your business is unique and your marketing strategy should tell your unique story. We take the time to develop a relationship with you, focusing on your goals and mission. With this information, we establish a plan that markets your business in a way that works best for you and tells your community what you do best. 

Branding and Creative Services

To make your business known, you need a brand that stands out. We identify the aspects of your business that make it better than the rest. By highlighting what makes you special, we develop a brand that helps you leave your mark on the community you serve.

Monitoring, Analytics and Insights

To know who your customers are, where to find them and what they are interested in, we perform data analysis. With analytics, we discover what makes your brand successful online so we can replicate and improve upon the process to make sure your connection with your customers stays strong. 

Public Relations

Growing a relationship with your community will help your business flourish. We help you identify the tools you need to reach and keep up with the customers you love and attract new ones. By initiating strategies that connect you to your customers, you will find your business growing and becoming stronger every day. 

Are you ready to grow?